Aqualassie and the sky pumas – The blue cupboard GO_008

Also available with 3D printed sky puma action figure!
Snap it together then marvel as it soars gracefully through the sky to the sounds of your new favourite band!
colours and size may vary, accessories sold separately, batteries not included

'The Blue Cupboard' was recorded and engineered over a very
cold February 2016 weekend by Bernie Tormé @ Barnroom studios
Kent, England. Tom channelled the spirit of Mark Knopfler and
Guns N' Roses, cooked all the food and played the guitar.
Neal ran 6.13k in a deeply disheartening 44 minutes 49 seconds
across the M2/muddy private farmland and played the bass.
Barnie drank wine, slept and played the drums.
We all sang, shouted, danced and laughed.

'The Blue Cupboard' was then produced and mixed by Dave Davis
probably in London town somewhere, before being mastered by
Chuck Tipler. Our very own Barnaby Suermondt provided the

Thanks to anyone that gave a damn. You know who you are.

Nu har du skitit i det blå skåpet.