New release coming end of March

We have a new tape from Virtual Flannel coming soon...

VHS Glitch - Halloween Stranger SOLD OUT!

The Halloween Strangers cassette sold out in 2 hours and 44 minutes. Thanks to everyone who bought one. 

VHS Glitch - Halloween Strangers

On February 10th, in collaboration with VHS Glitch, we will be releasing a limited edition run of Halloween strangers. Copies are limited to 50 and are expected to sell out fast. Make sure you grab your copy.

Check out the teaser here

Ally Mobbs Live Performance and Interview at

Ally Mobbs (One half of Nedemo) has been featured on . Head over and check out the awesome live performance then sit back and talk gear with an interview with the man himself and his working process. 

Nedemo Featured by HorizontalPitch

Read an interview with one half of Nedemo over at HorizontalPitch about the use of modulars in the making of the album.


GO_001 Out Now

We are pleases to say our first official Gohan Tapes release; Nedemo is now available.


Gohan is proud to announce an upcoming collaboration with pedal extraordinaire "Knobs". While we busily work away, go check out the website at and give your ears something to do.