VHS Glitch – Land With No Future GO_005


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After the last battle with Neotech, VHS Glitch was victorious but for a few survivors.
Some of these survivors, bent on world domination, have begun a series of attacks on the 'Forgotten Land,' a haven sheltering the last bastion of humanity still free from the influence of Evil Technology. If they can't be controlled, they must be destroyed or it will be the end of Neotech's plans.
Our hero must now save these people before Neotech wipes them from the face of the earth. It will not be easy, but VHS Glitch is the only one who can stop the Forgotten Land from becoming a LAND WITH NO FUTURE.
released July 9, 2016

· VHS Glitch All rights reserved 2015
· All tracks written and arranged by VHS Glitch
· All tracks mastered by VHS Glitch
· Cover artwork by VHS Glitch
· Manufactured and distributed by Gohan Tapes